Two Chef’s: A Family Tradition

Traditions are something we carry with us and pass down from generation to generation. Many traditions have strong ties to interesting stories as well! The Fountains holds traditions near and dear, just as with the Two Chef’s Show having been around for over 10 years now. To celebrate the idea of traditions, we invited residents and associates to submit their favorite traditional family recipes to share at this month’s Two Chefs Show, and we cannot believe the response we received! It was hard to chose, but in the end we selected two outstanding recipes from our residents and one associate. For the associate, we went with the traditional Swedish Meatball, a family recipe of Chef Chris. For the second entree, Spaghetti Pie by resident Lucille Frechette who said her family recipe is over 50 years old! And for dessert, we had a special Chocolate Kahlua Cake with Bonnie Lamrouex’s very popular and over 10 year old recipe! The chef had to make a slight change and used Irish Cream instead, but Bonnie had made her own cake to bring to the party and it was dished out to all the residents in a souffle cup to be sampled. They were both out of this world! As we sampled the dishes, residents went around the room and shared some of their favorite memories and traditions.

We are so thankful for everyone’s entrees and can’t wait for the next show!

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