Dad stays at The Fountains the staff is very good and accommodating. They have a movie theater on weekends, two nights they have entertainment, big shows, music that comes in during the week, there’s a lot of clubs that people can join, they play cards, and Wii bowling is also available. They have a lot of outings, day trips, and transportation to doctor’s appointments. Dad is in a studio apartment. He doesn’t cook, but it does have cooking facilities, a small size refrigerator, and a bathroom. You go in the lobby and there are sofas and chairs, a piano, and floral arrangements; it’s very homey. I would recommend this to anybody looking for this type of facility.

Review by Kimmik

I joined The Fountains because with my house I had to go out for all the activities and here it’s all under one roof.

Review by Itstime5050

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay is in a beautiful location and you can see the Intracoastal Waterway. It’s very nice, clean, and nicely-decorated. It seems like it’s in excellent condition. The staff is very helpful and I have no complaints. You enter into a nice lobby with a front desk where you sign in. They have a nice dining room, and in one section you can overlook the water. My stepmother is on the fourth floor and she has an efficiency apartment with a microwave and refrigerator. It has three spacious closets, a place for her king-sized bed, a sitting area, and a little area where she can have a table for eating. The bathroom is nice and she’s able to have cleaning come in once a week which is part of what she pays for. She also has big windows and from where she is, she can see a little bit of the water. In certain rooms, you have a gorgeous view of the water because it’s 21 stories. They have a monthly calendar of activities and every day they have maybe five activities, whether it’s bingo, chair yoga, outings to grocery store, or trips to special places like museums, programs where somebody comes in and plays music, learning classes, and craft classes. They also have a movie theater where they show movies twice a day. My stepmother is in the independent section. Last year, when we had that bad hurricane, they managed to evacuate all the people to a safe place, which was wonderful. I was very impressed with that.

Losing my husband has been very hard but being here with so many distractions, I have made a lot of friends. Everybody is very friendly, not only the employees but also the people that reside here.

Review by CutieJudy

My mom seems very happy at The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay. She’s enjoying the food. It’s a larger property, so there’s more people and a lot of activities. She’s really enjoying the movies, playing Bingo and going out in groups to lunch or dinner. The staff is very good so far. The dining area is very nice, and there’s a nice pool with a dock on the water.

Review by Elizabeth

The fountains was my number one choice before my dad had a stroke. It was a beautiful property with a beautiful view and it was very well maintained and updated. You didn’t feel like you were in an old folk’s home. Steve was awesome and he was very helpful. I got to see the actual room that my dad was going to get into. The food was awesome and I was really surprised that it was very flavorful.

Review by Caring78117850

The Fountains was very nice. To me, it looked like an old world hotel. It was not brand new, but it was very nicely kept-up. The staff was wonderful. They had nursing staff there. They had assisted living, assisted living light, all inclusive assisted living, memory care, and independent living as well. It was huge variety of people. They had 3 dining rooms, a heated pool, and aerobics. They had a shuttle, and they scheduled events that people could sign up for. They had piano players that came in. They had music sing-a-longs and crafts. They had topics on current events that they could sit in and talk about. They had poker. They had like a 30-person cinema inside the complex with movies twice a day. They had a flat bottom boat that they took people out on. They could go out and fish off the dock. They had shuffle board. They had cooking with chefs and painting classes, and they had some beautiful art works that were done by the people who lived there. They had pool tables, a computer lab, and a library. They had physical and occupational therapy, and they had a gym there. They had everything. It was a wonderful community. They had people on staff 24 hours a day.

Review by Susan111458

I liked The Fountains very much. It was secure and it was within my budget. I like the rooms very much; they were roomy and clean. It was something I think I would be comfortable with. The most activities I was interested in were transportation, traveling. I think they had a mahjong club. They could improve on the cost; it was a little bit pricey.

Review by Caring83143850

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay is a beautiful community on the water – they have such an amazing activities program and my father enjoys all that there is to do there! The staff is caring and professional and even though it is large they made my father feel right at home and eased his apprehension when he moved in.

Review by 5stars

I was at The Fountains when I had a knee operation for rehab. I found everything is organized. It’s a beautiful spot. They seemed to take care of their people and anybody I’ve met there was very nice – all the staff. They are very friendly and accommodating. The food was also delicious. Their rehab center just needs modernization. There are some things that are pretty worn out already, but overall the environment is pretty attractive.

Review by Caring75509850

I was very favorably impressed with this community. It is well maintained. The staff were friendly and helpful. All the residents I spoke with seemed happy to be there. In addition to the standard amenities, they offer many classes (Watermark University). That and the waterfront location are very appealing. I plan to become a resident.

Review by BuckeyeARQFW

Everything! Wonderful friendly helpful staff. Bea utiful views. Great dining choices and wonderful entertainment. Never get bored many bus trips to attractions, dining. Transport to Dr. And medical appointments, No worries one check a month includes it all!

Review by Nancy Twelves

I’m definitely moving there in a few months…Every event I have attended has been super friendly and senior friendly! Thanks for your information lunches. They reassure me, in addition to the experiences of friends who lived here.

Review by Barbara Purtee

The Fountains offers many benefits, but in my opinion, the best is their pool!!! No matter what your age or your physical limitations, a pool offers an environment that’s soothing, healing, and strengthening. How fortunate the residents are to be able to enjoy the water and the view at The Fountains.

Review by Norma M. Robinson

My mother loves it there – so much to do – wonderful people & beautiful views!

Review by Jesse Dorr

I work there through CareSouth as an CNA-private duty, I must say the staff is always very nice, and helpful. The residents I take care of enjoy being there and participating in the daily activities. The Fountains at BCB is one of the best senior living facilities, it is always my pleasure to take on a new client there.

Review by Haydee Syffus

Wonderful! The staff is very friendly, the place is very clean, and the residents are very happy.

Review by Lisa Fernandez

Mom (87) has been at The Fountains for almost two years now, residing in the assisted living portion of the facility with dementia and edema. After living in the St. Pete’s area for 35 years, Mom would not return to Chicago with me. I, her daughter who resides in the Chicago area was overwhelmed when Mom first became a resident at The Fountains. However, within weeks I knew this was the right place for her. Every time I call, Mom tells me “she is treated like a queen”. Therefore, I am grateful to the staff who so lovely take care of her daily needs.

Review by Gabe Hord
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

Everything is clean, the food is great, the view is unbeatable…and I can’t say enough good things about the caring and genuinely kind people that have worked with us to get my mother settled here. For myself and my mother “Thank You All” for going above and beyond. What a great place for her to live!

Review by Cammy
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

This is a wonderful community, with its spectacular views, friendly and knowledgeable staff, plethora of activities, and good food. We toured 8 facilities before we chose this one. A couple had better food, but most had worse. There is some variety so it is not boring. The dining hostess is a gem. By the time you have been there 3 times, she knows your name. She makes sure that you are seated comfortably and stows your walker for you. IF you are a new resident, she makes sure that you know everyone’s name at the table and makes sure they know you are new. Your tablemates are almost always helpful, letting you know what’s good, what the menu doesn’t tell you. etc.. There are so many activities that you cannot get to all of them in a day. And the activities are different depending on the day. Saturday evenings we gather in the auditorium for a show or concert or just singing. There are as many special occasion parties as the staff can think up. Halloween party had standing room only, so many attended. A great time was had by all. There are weekly outings, trips to the mall, grocery stores, theater, beach …. I cannot list them all. Maintenance staff have the “can do” attitude and are just great. They will help with bringing up packages from the lobby, setting up your TV, hanging pictures,. Believe me when I say we wanted a lot done to make our apartment our own. IF there is one somewhat failing it is housekeeping. They come every two weeks. The ladies are great but they labor under very restrictive rules. Cannot pick up anything on desk, table, counter to dust. Cannot move chairs, even office chairs, to vacuum or sweep. Hospitality group works to make your transition into The Fountains as smooth as possible, both before you move, during your move and after it. There are volunteer residents assigned to new people to help them feel less overwhelmed. We have been here three months now and love it.


Review by Silver
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They are doing a very good job, and I have no concerns. The elevator situation can be a little difficult at times, especially meal times. I think the programs they have, and the tours and those kinds of things, the activities, are done exceptionally well.

Review by Forrest and Leigh West
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

This is a nice community with great care .. the staff are caring and attentive to her needs. The community is clean and we are happy that she really likes the variety of good meals and a nice dining area. She does stay active with the other residents. She is happy that is has a room on the bottom floor. We would recommend this community for the excellent care and the value for other families.

Review by South Pasadena, FL
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Mom is doing good and she loves it here! I think it is a great place, the grounds are great, good at keeping it clean and the rooms are great. My mom’s room has a great window view of the shoreline and allows brightness. The food is great almost like restaurant quality. This community has a nice environment.

Review by South Pasadena, FL Family
Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

This place has done an excellent job so far, top marks across the board. It’s a lovely place, the staff are friendly and provide excellent care. We looked into quite a few facilities during our search and this one was just head and shoulders above all the others we saw, and it is a great value for the excellent quality of the care.

Review by David K
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I really love this community. This was a good move for me. This is a lovely community with very kind people. The staff is great they are very helpful and nice. They do a good job with the keeping the community well maintained, and neat. Everything has worked out very well for me since my move here. I would recommend this community, it is a very nice place.

Review by South Pasadena, FL Resident
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I have nothing negative to say about this facility everyone was very helpful and attentive. Facility was clean and I received the attention I needed.

Review by Mary OBrien
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My mom moved into her new apartment at at the Fountains recently. She has a beautiful view and she likes it a lot so far. The staff is friendly, the food is good and there are many activities to keep her busy. The Fountains does a good job for the residents. My family feels good about her move.

Review by Vicki D
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My mother moved here recently. She is still adjusting and stays in her room mostly. She has a really nice studio apartment and loves it. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They are very professional and made moving in very smooth. They bent over backwards for us.

Review by South Pasadena, FL Family
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It has made a huge difference in my mom, just in the last couple of months. She in in independent living, but she gets two meals a day, transportation, and her apartment cleaned twice a month included in the cost. They have a lot of parties to celebrate; they had Oktoberfest, and they celebrated for Halloween. They have a pontoon, so they take them out on Boca Ciega Bay. They take them out to eat, they took them to tour one of the navy ships in the Tampa Bay Harbor, and they toured a couple of mansions on the market in the area. The Fountains blew out all preconceived notions of what these places would be like. The residents are all happy and busy and moving around. It’s very, very active. They even have a 25 seat movie theater! They have a gym and physical therapy that will come there to work with people, so you can stay in the same facility no matter what your care needs are. Everyone has been wonderful there, my mother has really embraced it. She lived by herself in Iowa, but now she has made a lot of friends. When residents first move in, they assign a peer mentor to help the new resident get the hang of it there.

Review by Daughter
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We’re very pleased with how things have gone with The Fountains! The staff here is very friendly and helpful, and they were so generous with their assistance throughout the whole move-in process. They were flexible with the move-in dates, and always willing to lend a hand! It’s been a big adjustment for my parents, and they’re still trying to get settled in, but they’ve told us repeatedly how friendly and welcoming everyone here is. My one complaint would be that they need to improve the elevator situation, things really get slow when there are too many people trying to use them.

Senior_advisor Social Media Icon

My loved one lives in the memory care unit. We are very pleased with the level of care they provide at the facility. They offer different activities that they seem to enjoy.

Review by South Pasadena, FL Family

WOW! When you call or visit, be SURE to ask for “LAUREN”. She made an immediate positive impression on the phone and abso-tively DAZZLED Dad and me in person. Lauren provided us with an in-depth tour showcasing the many amenities of this exceptionally nice independent & assisted living HOME… far beyond a facility. (Daily movies, live entertainment, excellent food served in a dining room atmosphere and too many other ‘extras’ to list). Lauren was very warm, gracious, polite, polished & professional. We also appreciated her being PROMPT and on time for our follow up get-together. She assisted with all arrangements and was superbly sincere in helping Dad with his transition, she made it all about HIM, far more than signing up a new resident. We were also impressed by the ‘value’ provided at The Fountains… much less than expected. “Angel” is not an exaggeration when it comes to describing Lauren. Her passion for HELPING is very apparent. Lauren is eager to please and she made this all about Dad rather than signing up another resident. Like us, she too is a former Michigander and her Midwestern ethics and sincerity shine as brightly as her smile.

VERY sincerely, “Mac” & Dad (George) MacKellar

Review by Kim M.
Residents enjoying conversation outdoors
Friendly, helpful associates are always available.
Take a stroll right on the waterfront and watch the sunset.
Enjoy our waterfront heated outdoor pool.
Enjoy comfortable elegance in our Key West Dining Room.
Oversized windows with breathtaking views of Boca Ciega Bay or the St. Petersburg skyline