Meet our Executive Chef!

If the Dining Services Department isn’t thriving, we don’t know what is! We would like to warmly welcome our new Executive Chef, Chris Tasillo! Many of our residents have already had the pleasure of meeting and experiencing the new dishes that our wonderful new Executive Chef has brought to our community. Along with bringing his top notch cooking skills, kindhearted demeanor and playful sense of humor, Chef has already broadened the kitchen’s horizons and expectations for everyday meals and special events. We know that our Community Life Department has been blown away by his fresh & unique presentations and dessert decors. Not to mention, for anyone that caught January’s Two Chef’s Show, we know he’s not afraid to dress up, which won our dress-up lovin’ hearts!

So where did Chef get his wondrous skills and personality? Well, by going to one of the most prestigious culinary schools of course! Chef Chris is a graduate from Johnson & Wales Culinary School and though he is a master of many, he loves cooking meals that “soothe your soul”. Chris worked his way up to Executive Chef at the Kiawah Island Resort and Westin Hotel in Charleston and lead the Kiawah team to a Mobil 4-Diamond rating amongst other awards. He also has built a successful catering company, Foodeze. When not in the kitchen, Chris can be found fishing, especially saltwater fly fishing. Chris and his wife, Carolyn, live on Clearwater Bay and spend their free time on their boat. Welcome to the family, Chef!

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  1. Posted on 02/09/17 by Barb Purtee

    I just loved the Chicken Lentil soup! I hope that will be available often.

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