Farm to Table Two Chefs

The roots of the farm to table trend stretch back to the 1960’s and 1970’s when Americans became increasingly dissatisfied with processed foods that they found bland. One of the first farm to table restaurants that opened up was Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California in 1971. Chez Panisse was opened by Chef Alice Waters, who wanted to use produce from local organic farms because it was more flavorful and fresh than produce used by other restaurants. The farm to table movement has had a huge impact on the food service industry and how restaurants source and prepare their food. So in honor of Earth Day, we took our Two Chefs to the farm! Each table had a herb or vegetable on it as the centerpiece. Each of those will then be grown in the Gardens Green House for future use! Chef prepared organic snap slow with honey lemon vinaigrette, humanely raised free range organic mini sliders with natural white american cheese with non GMO veggie chips. For dessert, a classic all butter, non-GMO chocolate chip cookie. As we dined on food made the way it should be, Chef gave us a few lessons on how our food is prepared, and the best types of agriculture there are out there right now and how we can make a difference in our food choices that greatly impact the environment. At the end, we finally named our beer that the residents and Dining Services Director has been working on for the last two months!

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