Extraordinary Outing on the Starlite Majesty

When The Fountains does something extraordinary, we go big or we go home! To end the 2016 year and top our past outings of the year, we decided that a 4 hour inter-coastal tour on the Starlite Majesty yacht beginning in South Pasadena Marina and ending at Clearwater Beach Marina was the perfect calm to such a wild year!

With 44, yes FORTY-FOUR, of our closest friends, including residents from our sister community in Trinity and their amazing driver, we embarked across the calm waters and enjoyed the clear open skies while dining on our choice of six different main entrees and delicious cheesecake dessert. After lunch we spent the better half roaming the top deck and bathing in the beautiful Florida sunlight. When we came back down to the main area, it was our favorite time – bingo time! About 12 residents and associates won either a bottle of wine or a free trip for two on another cruise after winning a bingo game or answering a trivia question correctly.

Being our largest trip ever, we had to make multiple bus trips to get everyone home safely from Clearwater. A group of us stayed behind and enjoyed coffee and ice cream with some of the best conversations as we watched the sunset over Pier 60 before it was time to officially end our extraordinary evening. This will surely be a trip to remember for all, and for those that won tickets for another cruise, we hope they will have a cruise as majestic as the one we experienced!

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