Donut Eating Contest & Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s

We went donuts for raising money for Alzheimer’s! Residents, associates and visitors were able to vote for who they thought would win by putting money in the jar of their favorite contestant down at the front desk all month long, and boy those jars were pretty full! We had 7 contestants from most of the departments. The winner of the contest was able to win half the proceeds, a special Donut Trophy and a box of Dunkin’ Donuts! Participants raced against the clock to see how many donuts they could consume before the buzzer goes off at the 7 minute mark. We had a few returning contestants from past contests, and quite a few newbies. Each held their own, but in the end, with 25 seconds left to spare, Larry Pinkerman of Bayada finished his dozen donuts, ending the competition and taking home the gold! Larry was so gracious and donated his winnings back to the Alzheimer’s fund! Norm, one of our returning contestants and past winners came just shy in second place, leaving one donut left in his box. The crowd was wild with excitement, and we had a blast raising money for the good of the cause. Overall, the donut eating contest raised $250.48.

From our fundraising these past few months from the rummage sale to the car wash to today’s donut eating contest, The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay has raised $567.48. However, spearheading the majority of the fundraising, resident Dick Holmes, who also participated in today’s challenge, has raised $1,056! We are so proud of our community and the efforts that are put forth each year to work towards finding a way to abolish this debilitating disease.

You can help our team, Boca Goes Green for the Cure, by joining us for our Walk to End Alzheimer’s in October, or by donating to our cause by clicking here.

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