Dead Men Tell No Tales Two Chefs Show

Ahoy, me Hearties! Arrrghust is here, and we be celebratin’ with a deep sea menu, good enough for a pirate at this here Dead Men Tell No Tales Two Chefs! The Cap’n and his crew have pillaged the kitchen for the finest for his guests, with a water biscuit stuffed with fire braised flamingo (aka Turkey) and topped with a pineapple aioli sauce and paired with the Walk the Plank Run Cocktail to Boucan meat sided with a mango Boucaniers sauce with a Coconut Booty Rumble and finally the famous rum cake for dessert! All were sure to have put on there best ship-wear and were lucky to find some pieces of eight! T’was a swashbucklin’ good time with over 131 people on the ship, and a surprise show by Vickie’s Paradise Parrot Show, yo ho ho!


  1. Posted on 08/24/18 by Barb Purtee

    Loved the party! Served with style by our pretty pirates!
    Living here is such fun….Thank you!

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