Cheers to 100 Years, Pearl!

36,525 days; 876,000 hours; 52,596,000; 100 years; One amazing lifetime of stories to tell! Today, Pearl celebrated her 100th Birthday, orchestrated by her lovely daughter, Deborah, surrounded by her family & friends. Her one wish was to wear her tiara and stroll around the community, and that’s just what her daughter did! With champagne in hand, Pearl makes 100 look amazing! She even joked that when the Happy Birthday song was over, we forgot say “Let’s have another drink!” When asked if she had any advice to share, she laughed and said the first thing to come to mind was to remember to have a screwdriver every night!

Happy 100th Birthday, Pearl!


  1. Posted on 01/15/19 by Deborah Giaquinto

    Thank you to everyone who came to help Pearl celebrate her 100th Birthday. She was totally overwhelmed all day but really appreciated the good wishes, laughter, gifts and love shared; The 100 Tiara really fit her to the tee!! Special thank you to Melissa for recording this historical event for my family!!
    With great appreciation,
    Deborah Giaquinto, Pearls daughter

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