A Tailgating Two Chefs Show

Down, set, hike!! Thursday, September 6th was the official kick off to the NFL season and we celebrated at our Two Chefs Show with a rowdy Tailgating party. Before the Ravens take on the Bengels, our Fountain’s associates served up a delicious game day ready food that was on par with us pre-gaming with friends and family. For the first half, we had Southwestern Smoked Beef Brisket Chili. For the second half, Texas Boneless Wings with Carrots and Blue cheese Dressing and for overtime, Grandma Kaeser’s Coca Cola Cake. In between courses, we played Quarterback Challenge with about 7 participants for best out of 3. The competition was heavy, but ultimately Twyla won! At halftime, we had a trivia challenge with Chris Wojewnik and Leo, with his wife, Miley, keeping score. Leo ultimately won for best guess out of 20. We even had some amazing former cheerleaders come up, including our Executive Director, to lead the crowd in a few cheers! We ended the game day with a final modified field goal challenge, and on the first try Nancy won the final point! Way to go, Fountains!

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