10th Annual Chili Cook-Off & Kiss the Pig Contest

November instills a feeling of warm fires, hearty meals and rich desserts filled with pumpkin and whipped cream. Here at The Fountains, it also means it’s time for our Annual Chili Cook-Off! This year marks our 10th Annual Chili Cook-Off and there was no shortage of bootscootin’ fun! Our culinary-inclined associates entered their own chili concoctions for a chance to be named the best around. Residents, associates, and local neighbors all got an opportunity to try each chili and place their vote for the favorite. Each chili was “blind,” meaning that only two people knew what color each persons chili was and no one served their own chili, so there’s no chance to persuade the consumer!

There were two options for donations to support the cook off. With a person’s suggested donation of $5 to any non-resident, we raised $338 for Silver Santa’s. The other opportunity was for people to vote on who they wished to kiss the pig! This year, the jars were divided up into duos. In last place having raised $16.77 was Frank Hodge & Lisa Knipe. 4th Place was John Baker & Alex Mendes having raised $29.71. 3rd Place was Takisha Butler & Suzanne Burtzlaff, a surprising yet very exciting moment for them, having raised $30.84! It came down to two duos, but in 2nd Place was Ray Flournoy & Chris Wojewnik, raising $36.42. The winners having raised $67.83 were Eva Viera & Melissa Krysh! Eva was overjoyed she got to plant a kiss on the sweet piggy! In total we raised $181.57 for the Associate Holiday Party.

Finally, the chili winners and contestants were announced! Having been given the spoon of the color chili that was each cooks, gave way to the big reveal of who’s chili belonged to who. This year, our participants were three dining associates, two Community Life Associates and a Garden’s resident, who owned four restaurants! In 3rd Place was Chris Wojewnik, with 21 votes. In 2nd Place was Alexsa Squire with 30 votes and in 1st Place with 34 votes was Melissa Krysh. There was a lot of fun competition going about, and quite a bit excitement about this news!

Thank you to all that made this event a success! As always, it was a wonderful community event and we can’t wait until next year!

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